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Air Duct Cleaning Houston, Texas

Air Duct Cleaning company in Houston TX

The quality of the air you breathe is directly related to how you feel, and nowhere do you breathe more than in your home or office. Even so, most people overlook this important aspect. A good air duct cleaning can improve your whole quality of life.

Did you know that the typical 6-room house can create as much as 40 pounds of dust over the course of just one year? And that is a small house. If you have a larger home you could potentially be breathing in as much as 100 pounds of dust. That does not even count all the pollen and mold. If your house is not breathing clean, neither are you

Facts about poor indoor air quality

9 out of 10 heating and cooling system failures are a direct result of dirt and dust buildup in air ducts. (Source: LCES)

Dirt buildup as little as 1/16th of an inch on your coils can cause a decrease in system efficiency by as much as 20%. Dust on the coils comes directly from buildup in the air ducts themselves. (Source: EPA)

Most A/C filters collect no more than 7% of the dust in your home as it moves toward the air duct. Filters, while a good idea, do very little to actually stop dirt and dust buildup in your air duct. (Source: ASHRAE)

Children are most likely to be affected by air pollutants because they are closer to the ground where these pollutants gather. They also breathe at a faster rate, taking in more of the dust-filled air. (Source: Dept. of Consumer Affairs)

People spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, thus the quality of the air indoors is vital to their health. (Source: American Lung Association)

Cleaning your air ducts saves you money

Besides the obvious health reasons, cleaning your air ducts can help save you money. Clean air ducts mean a clean A/C and heating system, and a clean system saves you money. A clean system runs less, saving you money not just on electric bills but on having to fix or replace your system.

air duct cleaning houston tx

What we do

We brush and vacuum the air ducts and vents to open the passage for air flow and decrease the amount of dust in the system.

This will keep the air you breath clean, and it will keep your system cooling your house efficiently.

Our main goal is to make sure your system is clean and has no blockages. Any blockage can create extra humidity and moisture, which will in turn create more mold and bacteria.

We can also clean the entire HVAC system, which will help keep your system functioning without ever needing major repairs

Get your air ducts cleaned today in Houston

Dust and dirt buildup is inevitable. Let the professionals at TakeAir USA Inc. clean your air ducts not just from dirt and dust but the mold buildup that inflames your allergy problems as well. A clean air duct system means you will not just breathe easier, but feel better too.

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