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Attic Insulation Services Houston, TX

What You Need To Know About Attic Insulation

If you are a homeowner, you might be looking at ways to improve your home. One way to improve your home is by insulating your attic. Insulating your attic can add value to your house as you can use the attic as a spare bedroom. There are many reasons why homeowners choose to insulate the attic. Attic insulation can prevent heat transfer between the attic and the living quarters. Most homeowners choose to insulate their homes so that they can reduce energy costs. During cold winters, warm heat moves from the living quarters by radiation, conduction or air leaks into the overhead attic. As a result, your furnace will run for longer periods to make up for the lost heat in the house. This results in electricity bills rising.

Also during hot summer, heat travels from the hot attic into the rooms below. This will lead to an increase in cooling bills as a result of your air conditioner running for longer to keep the house cool. However, when you add insulation on the attic, you will reduce heat loss at the attic by up to 80%. If your attic leaks energy, you will end up losing money on heating and cooling costs.

Attic Insulation Houston

If you are a homeowner, insulating your attic can save you money on your monthly budget expense. For an attic insulation to be effective, it needs to cover the whole space including sealing air leaks. To the seal the air leaks, use caulking to shut the cracks between the wall and the ceiling where the air might transfer to and fro the attic. Also seal the ventilation ducts. The three common types of insulation you can use for your attic include blow in insulation, spray foam insulation and batt insulation.

Benefits of insulating your attic:

It saves you energy costs

Insulating your attic can save you cost on energy because there is reduced heat loss. In addition, insulating your attic can keep cool air in the house during hot seasons. Insulating your attic is the best thing homeowners can do because it will significantly reduce the monthly electricity bill. Some homeowners have also reported a 50% saving on the electricity bill, although your savings depends on the shape of your attic and the heating system you use in the house. Attic insulation is ideal for homes that were built before the 1980s. This is because homes built before the 1980s are usually under-insulated compared to modern homes. If you bring your attic insulation up to today’s standards of efficiency, you will end up saving on energy costs.

Helps to protect the environment

When you insulate your attic, it translates to energy savings which means less energy is produced. According to the US Department of Energy, attic insulation is the best way to save energy at home. Therefore, power plants will produce less energy for homes. Also, less energy produced by power plants means less pollution to the environment. Hence the environment will suffer less from harm caused by waste emissions from power plants. This will in turn have a positive impact on the ecosystem.

Promote quality air in the living room

When you insulate your attic, it can promote quality air in your home. This is because HVAC units are known to emit the carbon footprint that is harmful to your health. When you use it less as a result of improved heating caused by insulating your attic, there will be a reduced amount of toxic elements in your home. This will make your home environment safe.

Extends the life of furnace and air conditioner

Proper insulation in your attic will reduce the usage of furnace and air conditioner in your home. Because of reduced running time, your HVAC unit will wear less hence extended life.

What attic insulation is best for me?

Blown Insulation

This particular type of insulation has been used for many years and is made from recycled materials. Some of the materials used to make blown insulation include paper, recycled newsprint, denim and other cellulose materials that have been treated with fire retardants. The chemicals used to treat these recycled materials are non-toxic and can be safely used to insulate and protect your home.

Compared to other insulation materials, blown insulation is by far the most affordable and easy to install. It is safe and durable. Blown insulation can be used in attics as loose fill or inside the walls of your home as stabilized cellulose insulation. Installing insulation in Massachusetts, particularly blown insulation, is quite simple. However, it should still be done by a professional who has access to the machinery necessary to properly install the insulation materials in your home.

Rolled Insulation

Sometimes also known as “batt” insulation, rolled insulation is what most Americans picture when they think of insulation materials. Fiberglass rolls are available in a number of different lengths and widths, making it easy to find the right size and solution for each area of your home without having a lot of extra or excess materials leftover.

Fiberglass rolls can be used in a number of different areas, including attics and basements, crawl spaces and floors, sidewalls and even cathedral ceilings. Different brands, such as Knauf fiberglass rolls, offer options with or without a facing and can come in a variety of different R-values, depending on your need and budget.

Did you know that having your attic cleaned or cleaning your insulation on a regular base can also help keep your overall cost down in the long run. So what are you waiting for, call us now for your free no-obligation price quote.

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